A Hidden Shining Light

Poetry, musings, philosophical insights, and random stuff off the top of my head. Some of what you read may surprise you, some may inspire you, some of it may not do anything in particular. This is my space to be as honest and true to myself as I can be, a space where the hidden parts are revealed. A study of who I am as a spirit and human being. Feel free to comment, like, dislike, read and enjoy, or do nothing, just do what makes you happy as long as you're not hurting anyone. Thanks.

No, baby,  that’s not sweat, that’s the body purging itself of fear, anxiety,pain and weakness. Just like we put on and take off clothes over our naked body, we put on and take off these things which are merely covering up our true, naked essence…our light, our warrior, our Divinity…if you train like a winner, you’ll fight like a champion! #grandpawouldbeproud (at USA Karate)

Another Letter for A Panther

Hey, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. I’ll keep this one short and sweet, as I know its been nearly months now and still we are at this standoff. I don’t care, yet I wish you happiness in whatever you are doing. I just wanted to let you know that despite everything, I hope you are happy and have learned and grown from our time together as much as I have or more. I am glad for all the lessons I have learned and grateful for what our experience has lead me to be now and what life has to still reveal to me. I pray for you constantly and hope that this time apart has been reflective and enlightening for you as well. Hope your family is doing well and keeping them in my thoughts, as I am so grateful to them for how they welcomed me into their home like they had always known me. You’re lucky to have them. Anyway, know that you will always have a friend in me…now and forever.



The Drive Home

Sometimes,you have to get to the place where you have to come to terms with the fact that there is a reason for everything and a greater design and plan far beyond your own understanding. When you humble yourself to accepting your role as a creator within the greater creation, you truly find everything you needed or ever thought you wanted. We create our own Hell trying to control how we want our Heaven to come into reality.  Our lives as humans are journeys and each one of us souls drives our own vehicle called a body to navigate ourselves through the highways, streets, dirt roads, etc called Life. So, why get mad or upset when we have to make a pit stop or plan an alternate route? In the end, we all reach an end, why not enjoy the ride for as long as you’re driving? 

Strength, beauty, and compassion…my legacy
Tribute to the Motherland #africa #blackisbeautiful
Preparing for the #spiritrevolution with some reading before bed. Definitely recommended reading for all you royal philosophers out there. #goodnight #buenasnoches
Kermit the Philosopher

El universo yo soy

El universo yo soy


Me encuentro lo que me falta por la curación de la mente, cuerpo y alma.

Soy un ser de luz y amor.

La energía que creó mi mente, el cuerpo y el alma es la misma energía que creó el universo.

Cuando yo muera,

mi cuerpo se reunirá con la Tierra,

 mi mente se reunirá con todos los pensamientos y los sueños que se han creado y se creará,  

mi alma se reunirá con la fuerza de la energía colectiva que hemos dado tantos nombres para.

Por lo tanto, soy un universo.

Tú eres un universo.

Somos el universo y dentro de eso,

no hay nada más que luz y oscuridad.

El saldo de tu y yo

es un ciclo que es eterno y completo.

La vida es un ciclo,

sin final ni principio,

sólo la expansión y finalización.

lo que empiezas, acabarás;

lo que das, recibirás;

lo que siembras, cosecharás.

La vida es un círculo cada vez mayor,

abrazar los cambios en su vida.

El amor es la expansión,

el cambio y la evolución

hacia la perfección.

Things Left Unsaid

perhaps you will be content to be,

if ever you’ll be the reason of my poetry. 

and the pain of this hurts me .
tears creep upon pillows….
rain falls upon earth below,
forming rivers,floods and hurricanes. ..

pages of my notebook drowning in thoughts of you and me
and what we could be
and what we could have been
and why it all abruptly came to an end.
I dove into the ocean
to escape the emotions.
I swim so deep as these words drop
hoping one day, you’ll return to make these tears stop.

But that day may be never
and I’ll drown waiting forever
Tell me how this is fair
when the moon still cries, yet the sun don’t care.

perhaps you will be content to be,
if ever you’ll be the reason of my poetry.